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MOSFET iGBT Driver TC4422 [C11]

MOSFET iGBT Driver TC4422 [C11]
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The TC4421/4422 are high current buffer/drivers capable of driving large MOSFETs and IGBTs. They are essentially immune to any form of upset except direct overvoltage or over-dissipation — they cannot be latched under any conditions within their power and voltage ratings; they are not subject to damage or improper operation when up to 5V of ground bounce is present on their ground terminals; they can accept, without either damage or logic upset, more than 1A inductive current of either polarity being forced back into their outputs. In addition, all terminals are fully protected against up to 4kV of electrostatic discharge. The TC4421/4422 inputs may be driven directly from either TTL or CMOS (3V to 18V). In addition, 300mV of hysteresis is built into the input, providing noise immunity and allowing the device to be driven from slowly rising or falling waveforms.

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