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SensofinityVR M1 Virtual Reality Goggles FPV Gear (no phone)

SensofinityVR M1 Virtual Reality Goggles FPV Gear (no phone)
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The SensofinityVR M1 is constructed out of ABS, therefore, it is highly ridged and durable, yet at 325g it is very lightweight.
Faux perforated leather elements have been utilised across sections of the headset to ensure the most comfortable experience possible.
This soft fabric has been fitted to the area surrounding the user's face and eyes, as well as to the back of the headstrap

What Type of lenses does it use:
Two high quality large 42mm biconvex lenses are utilised in the SensofinityVR M1 headset, ensuring a large FOV (Field of View).

How big is the FOV (Field of View):
The lenses utilised in the SensofinityVR M1 headset offer a wide 100 degree FOV, which will ensure a very immersive experience.

How does it work:
- Download any VR application on your smartphone.
- Scan the Viewer Profile QR code located in the instruction manual and on our website with any application such as the Google Cardboard app.
- Insert your smartphone inside the SensofinityVR M1 headset and experience 360 degree Virtual Reality gaming and videos like never before.

How do I interact in VR environments:
The SensofinityVR M1 has a magnetic button located on the side of the headset, when a user pulls down on it, the user's smartphone will automatically detect it, therefore, allowing users to easily navigate in VR environments.

Will my smartphone fit:
Any smartphone with a screensize between 4 to 6 inches or maximum device size of 85 x 160mm will fit.

For the best experience it is recommended that users set their auto-lock screen or screen timeout to never.
Box includes a microfiber cleaning cloth and two compimentary stickers.

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