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Arduino Nano Expander to UNO Board
R65.00 R52.00
Arduino Nano R3 Clone (no cable) [BX]
  https://github.com/HobbyComponents/CH340-Drivers ..
R99.95 R89.96
Arduino UNO Prototyping Shield
R64.95 R49.95
BNC to Alligator Y Splice Oscilloscope Test Probe [box]
R82.00 R65.00
Brushless Motor Submersible Water Pump 12V 3.6W 3m
R164.95 R120.00
DCDC Step Down Voltage Buck Converter 35V 3A
Input voltage: 3.2V ~ 40V Output voltage: 1.25V ~ 35V Output current: 2.5A, max 3A Load..
R39.95 R31.96
DHT11 Humidity Temperature Sensor [AC]
    Ultra low cost 3 to 5V power and I/O 2.5mA max current use during con..
R39.95 R31.96
Digital Thermometer w Remote Sensor
A common thermometer can be used in many case, it has a temperature sensing probe com..
R60.00 R50.00
I2C Serial Adapter for LCD 1602 2004 LCD [BZ]
R29.95 R25.50
LED Bar Display B10RYG [AF]
R35.00 R26.25
LM3914N Bar Graph Display Driver DIP18 [D09]
R24.00 R18.00
Micro SD Card Reader Module SPI interface [K18,K20]
R39.92 R35.93
RTC DS3231 AT24C32 I2C Real Time Clock (no battery) [BT]
Size: 38mm, Weight: 8g, Operating voltage :3.3 - 5 .5 V Clock chip: high-precision DS3231, ..
R59.95 R55.00
Servo 9g Micro TowerPro™ SG90
Tiny and lightweight with high output power. Servo can rotate approximately 180 degrees (90 in each ..
R65.00 R60.00
TP4056 Li-ion Charger Module [BD]
R35.00 R26.25
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